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We have a highly trained team of youth workers who are passionate about young people, dedicated to providing high quality opportunities and support to ensure young people achieve their potential.

Our Youth Work Model Consists of a three tiered approach:

  • Detached Youth Work Sessions – engaging with young people out in the community
  • Open Access Drop In Sessions – providing positive activities for all young people aged 10-19
  • 1:1 Support – targeted support and mentoring 

We work with young people to:

  • Become more active citizens.
  • Increase their likelihood of successfully engaging in learning, training and employment.
  • Make healthier lifestyle choices and increase their personal well being
  •  Increase self confidence and aspirations for the future.

With over seventeen years experience, we are youth work specialists and ensure that young people are at the heart of everything we do.







Mentoring programme: Oasis Academy Brightstowe

Mentoring programme:

 Crisis Intervention &

NEET mentoring

Mentoring Programme:

Year 11 Interventions at Oasis Academy Brightstowe

Mentoring programme:

 Crisis Intervention &

NEET mentoring

Mentoring Programme:

Year 6 Interventions at Oasis Academy Bank Leaze

Detached Youth Work:



Detached Youth Work Session:

Lawrence Weston  

Open Access Drop In Session

 Lawrence Weston Youth Centre: 4.30pm-6.30pm 

Detached Youth Work Session:

Lawrence Weston 


Detached Youth Work or Street Based Youth Work is where we go out into the community and look to engage with young people when they are out and about. We use intelligence from the police, the community and other agencies to identify “Hot Spot” locations where young people are hanging out and perhaps engaging in antisocial behaviour.

The aim behind detached youth work is to engage young people and deter them from antisocial or criminal activity and provide alternative positive activities. We also provide on the support information, guidance and support to young people and make referrals for further support to our crisis intervention team. 

We 100% believe that young people should be allowed to hang out on the street and in the community, our role is to make sure they are doing this safely and positively.


Drop ins are open to everyone aged 10-19 and provide opportunities to engage in positive activities both educational & recreational. Mental and physical health are a core theme running through our Drop-ins with the opportunity for young people to meet new people, hang out with friends and chat to our trained staff team.


Our 1:1 support programmes are open to all young people that need support:

Self-referral 1:1 support: Young people can refer themselves to access our 1:1 support. This can be a one off session or a bespoke mentoring programme tailored for the young person. We provide support on a range of issues such as: mental health, emotional support, relationships, confidence, careers, bullying, school issues, home difficulties, drugs and alcohol and much more.

School based mentoring  at Oasis Academy Brightstowe, Oasis Academy Bank Leaze and Oasis Academy Long Cross for young people who may be experiencing difficulties.

Crisis Interventions: we are delivery partners for the Barnardos “See, Hear and Respond” programme. Through this programme we identify young people that may be in need of some crisis or emergency support and provide a bespoke, personalised support programme.

NEET Mentoring: We are funded through the Bristol City Council Youth Sector Support Fund to provide targeted support to NEET young people or those at risk of becoming NEET.

For more information contact:

Rebecca Hussey

Jordon Hudd